HEXTRA! HEXTRA! Read all about it.

Day 1:
Finally, I got my hands on some HEXTRA coin!


(It was not easy. I first tried buying during ICO at .90 cents and had NO luck- read the blog on “HEXTRA and GOLDREWARD NEW ICO!” for the full story.)

I bought 44 coins for about $13 each. So, I gambled with about $572— let’s see what this risk brings. Either I make good money or lose $500.

People do this in Las Vegas ALL the time!! Or STOCKS, the only difference is that this market is unknown and you are investing in coins!

BITCOIN is the gold of all COINS with its value of over $6000 per coin!

I’ll keep you guys posted on this investment!

(Side note, I see how the crypto market is SO addicting)

Link to buy Hextra: https://hextracoin.co/register?referrer=Madrean