At first, ​I nagged him, then I joined him.

I used to HATE cryptocurrency. It took away so much time from my fiancé. In fact, I thought he was talking to another girl at some point! I was pregnant at the time he got hooked on crypto and I recall waking up at random times during the night to use the restroom and he was either on his phone or on his computer; I just couldn’t understand what consumed his interest online in this way. Not only did I not understand the world of crypto, but he was investing a lot of money in new programs no one was familiar with. Since we live in an apartment and have been saving to buy a house, I was not happy about that. So it’s true, I used to nag him about crypto before I joined him.


After a few months, about three, I started to listen to him about BitConnect and other programs. BitConnect caught my interest because of how much he was earning in interest and seemed more secure than other programs. I decided to put some money in to personally check it out. I was scared at first, like many reading this-  I felt apprehensive. Nevertheless, I saw first hand how beneficial BitConnect has been to David and ultimately that gave me the confidence to proceed.

For me, this has been the best investment for many reasons. For one, it gave me a different avenue to earn passive income- having a baby, this is very helpful- unexpected expenses happen often. Second, it gave me the confidence to trust the cryptocurrency market and have joined other programs as well. Third, I have been able to help others make money, and helping others gives me a good feeling. Also, it has given me many opportunities to travel, I’ve made some pretty neat memories and met many other investors.  So far, I have had nothing but good experiences and great earnings with crypto. I made a little over 5k in interest in two months having invested 5k in BitConnects lending program. Below is a snapshot of my earnings daily with BitConnect:

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 9.21.33 PM.png

So yes I used to hate crypto, but now I LOVE it, and actually a bit addicted to it.  Currently, I have investments in BitConnect, Gold Reward, DavorCoin, and HEXTRA. Thanks to some investments we are now in the market for a new home. With our son’s arrival, we’ve gotten crowded in our apartment, its now time to invest in a home. We are new to the real estate market and researching on it, I don’t know why but somehow I feel I understand crypto better.

We both started this journey this year, I’m excited to see where we will be next year. I encourage for all to try; if interested my links are available via