What is a white paper in an ICO?

Before I decide to invest in an ICO, I like to read their white paper to determine how long I plan to invest in that particular coin.

What is a white paper?  

You can think of a white paper like a business plan. In a white paper, a group of developers identify a problem and their solution/ product to that problem. This proposal also provides future investors with information regarding the ICO structure, its future plans- the roadmap, and legal entities.

An ICO structure tells you about the type of coin that will be used to raise funds, the amount of coin available to sell, and distribution dates. Below is an example of the schedule for Gold Reward Coin ICO.

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 6.30.13 PM.png

Now know, anyone can create a white paper and all ICO’s have a white paper. So it’s your due diligence to research before investing in a new coin.