November 2, 2017

A paragraph from ‘What is an ICO’ post:

Now GoldReward coin, this ICO went live Round 1 when I was in Thailand, I bought 700 coins!! I think they were about .76 cents per coin. Round 1 sold out in less than 48 hours, 4.5 million coins were sold and you were only allowed to buy 2,000 coins max each day. Round two is coming next week and as expected, it will sell out fast.

November 21, 2017

I bought 1400 coins on Goldreward’s ICO round 1 and 2 for about $1,100 USD. GRX coin went live on an EtherDelta market exchange last week. Many wanted to buy this coin and this demand drove the price up little by little. Today as I write this, 1 GRX coin is worth $5.94.

$5.94 * 1400 = $8,316- $1,100 = $7,216 is my total profit so far.

To hodl or not to hodl, is the question.

Should I sell my coins and convert my digital currency to USD? I could be $7k richer today, however, if I ‘hodl’, it could double or even triple by the next week BUT I also risk the possibility of losing it all. I can’t predict the market, no one can. It’s the first time I invest in an ICO and not sure what I will do.



When I finished writing this post and took this screenshot, the price dropped a little bit. With this market, you just never know. However, so far, it has been pretty good to us and that is why I spread the word on crytpocurrency. I will keep readers updated on this investment!